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It’s true that the reach of our Facebook Business Pages isn’t what it used to be. Since Facebook acquired Instagram 8 years ago, we’ve seen a similar thing happen there, slowly but surely the number of people seeing our posts has declined. Since the big announcement of a shift in priority in 2018, many of us focused on building an online community using Facebook Groups, which felt almost like the glory days when 100% of your fans were seeing your posts. Already this year we’ve had reports of a drop in Group engagement, and it’s clear that Facebook is moving

One of the biggest reasons people struggle with Facebook Ads is that the platform is constantly changing. After building hundreds of campaigns over the past few years, I’ve seen many frequent changes to Facebook Ads Manager, and agree that if you learned the system a year or more ago, if you login today it might feel like a totally different thing! Some of the changes are cosmetic, and others are new features - combined, they can make you feel more confused than ever. But overall, the changes are improvements as Facebook integrated the what was once known as Power Editor, into

Last week, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement that they’re changing the way the feed works and it threw the business world into a spin. Priority in the feed will be given to meaningful social interactions between people, rather than content from businesses, brands and publishers. Firstly, this isn’t anything new. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the organic reach of posts from our Business Pages get lower and lower. As a result, we can’t rely on people seeing our content for free, and we’ve started spending on boosting our content to get it back into the feed. However, we’ve

In our effort to make a sale, it can be easy to over-cook the message when writing copy for online advertisements. Facebook has a number of Ad Formats, each with different options when it comes to how much text you can include. Google just introduced Expanded Text Ads, which gives advertisers twice as much room for copy than ever before. The best advice you can get when writing Ad Copy has been around much longer than Advertising, or what we call Digital Marketing today: Keep it simple. Just like you, your audience don’t always read everything they see, instead, they scan